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General Information

The Libraries accept gifts and funds for materials using the same criteria it applies to purchases. However, the Library reserves the right to make use of donations as materials for exchange or sale in order to best strengthen the collection. The Library determines the cataloging, classification, housing and circulation policies of gift materials.

The Pratt Institute Archives, which is housed in the Library, is also interested in collecting materials relevant to the history of Pratt Institute. Please consult the Archives gift policy.

The Library will acknowledge donations in writing, but is legally prohibited from determining the value of a gift for tax or other purposes. A list of titles will be provided if requested by the donor at the time of the gift.

The Library cannot return donated items due to the expense of locating and retrieving them.

Please direct any questions regarding gifts and funds to:

Cindy Wolff
Pratt Institute Library
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11205
(718) 636-3592




We are truly grateful for the generosity of our donors. Gift items enrich our collection with resources that we may not otherwise be able to find or afford and enhance research with rare and unique materials. Because we are very limited in the resources needed to process gifts, such as staging space, staff time, and housing/preservation supplies, we would appreciate it if you could follow these guidelines. The guidelines help us give timely attention to items that we do wish to add to the collection, allowing faster and longer-lived access to these materials. We accept the following items:

  • Monographs and sizeable runs of art journal publications
  • Exhibition catalogs (these will be added to our growing exhibition
  • catalog files)
  • Special collection items (ephemera, photographs, artists’ books, posters, broadsides, zines, pop-up books, etc.)
  • Archival material relevant to the history of Pratt Institute
  • Unique and rare journal publications

Accepted items will be checked against the collection. If the library already owns a copy we sometimes keep added copies based on demand or condition of our existing copies. Items not added to the collection are given away or sold. We cannot give back any items that we don’t add to our collection. Accepted items are processed in the order they are received. Donated items that require special attention to house and preserve will take longer to process to lengthen the lifespan of access to these items.

We do not accept the following items:

  • Single periodical issues of popular, mainstream journals, or incomplete runs
  • Auction catalogs
  • Audiocassettes, vinyl, music CD’s
  • Outdated directories
  • Furniture


Bringing gifts to the library:

  • The Library cannot pick up gifts.
  • We prefer that all gifts be dropped off at the library by the donor, preferably by appointment. The gift administrator will be responsible for scheduling a drop-off time that is convenient for both the library and the donor.
  • The donor may also mail gifts to the library sent to the attention of the gift administrator with prior notification.


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