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Gift Policy

The Library accepts gifts and funds for materials using the same criteria it applies to purchases. However, the Library reserves the right to make use of donations as materials for exchange or sale in order to best strengthen the collection. The Library determines the cataloging, classification, housing and circulation policies of gift materials.  Please see Giving to the Libraries for more information.

The Pratt Institute Archives, which is housed in the Library, is also interested in collecting materials relevant to the history of Pratt Institute.

The Library will acknowledge donations in writing, but is legally prohibited from determining the value of a gift for tax or other purposes. A list of titles will be provided if requested by the donor at the time of the gift.

The Library cannot return donated items due to the expense of locating and retrieving them.

Please direct any questions regarding gifts and funds to:

Cindy Wolff
Pratt Institute Libraries
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11205
(718) 636-3592



Filming in the Library


Pratt Institute Students, Faculty and Staff Members

Any Pratt Institute student, faculty or staff member interested in filming or taking still images inside the Pratt Library is required to fill out a Request for Permission to Film in Pratt Institute Library (form to be available online shortly). The form is also available at the Brooklyn Campus’ Library Reference Desk.  All shoots must be course-related and abide by the guidelines specified in the Request form.  

Complete all information on the form, including the signature of Department Chair or approving Faculty Member.  Submit form to the Assistant to the Director of Libraries, Dina Buttner, at for approval only after all information is completed.    

Adherence to the following guidelines is required:

  1. No eating, drinking, or smoking is allowed.
  2. No alteration to the physical space of the library,  this includes the application of tape to walls or surfaces.
  3. No activity will take place which could interfere with the usual activity of Library personnel or patrons.
  4. No activities may take place which might create conditions which are hazardous to the facility, its users or materials.
  5. Noise, disruptive to the normal course of Library activities, will not be tolerated.
  6. Respect patron and library personnel privacy. Photographers and filmmakers must receive permission to photograph or film patrons and /or library staff prior to capturing an image.

Direct any questions pertaining to filming in the library to the Assistant to the Director of Libraries, Dina Buttner, at or (718) 399-4223.


Persons Not Affiliated with Pratt Institute

Submit all requests to film in the Library from persons not affiliated with the Pratt Institute to the Office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration. The Office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration can be reached by calling (718) 636-3784 or by contacting Antoinette Perry, Assistant to the Vice President, at



Internet Use Policy

Pratt Institute Library offers Internet access as part of its mission as a research resource for the Pratt community. The Library's computers allow patrons to access resources that go beyond the publicly available World Wide Web to include commercially licensed online databases which have been selected because of their scholarly content and because they support the research mission of the Institute.

There is a wealth of valuable information on the Internet, but it is not always easy to find. Also, while searching, please be aware that much information on the Internet is not authoritative. Pratt librarians have compiled links to sites that may be of particular interest to users of the Pratt Library. We encourage patrons to use the vast resources of the Internet. Librarians will be happy to help you obtain and evaluate appropriate materials for your research.

The Pratt Libraries subscribe to the American Library Association's (ALA) policies on intellectual freedom as expressed in the Library Bill of Rights and Freedom To Read statements and in the ALA interpretations thereof, including its Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks and its Interpretation on Privacy. Access to, and use of, the Internet on Library workstations is governed by the Library's adherence to these policies, as well as the Pratt Institute Computer and Network Responsible Use Policy (PDF). The Library does not filter, censor, or block access to Internet websites based on content or point of view, and recognizes that rights of privacy in the use of electronic resources are an essential component of intellectual freedom. Therefore, any limits imposed by librarians will be the result of limited availability of workstations; that is, limits to Internet use will be based on need rather than on Internet sites' content.

When using the Library’s computers members of the Pratt community are expected to follow the policies regarding use of computer and network resources as enumerated in the Pratt Institute Computer and Network Responsible Use Policy (PDF). Library computers are intended to be used primarily for library research and information seeking and do not contain word processing programs.  During busy times, librarians may ask patrons to volunteer to conclude non-research or recreational Internet activity.

Disruptive or harassing behavior as well as flagrant abuse of computer systems will result in loss of library privileges and may result in other disciplinary action.

Users may use computers attached to scanners to email images. Otherwise, Library computers are not to be used for email, chat, or game playing. Academic Computing has Internet workstations available to the campus community that may be used for such purposes. Downloading files to flash or Zip drives is permitted from Library workstations, in accordance with copyright regulations, as stated in the Pratt Institute Computer and Network Use Policy (PDF). Use of text and images from proprietary databases must be in compliance with licensing agreements between Pratt and the publishers. Workstation users are not permitted to interfere with software or hardware settings on the computer system units.


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