Pratt Institute Libraries - Dev

Off-Campus Access

Accessing electronic resources from non-Pratt networks

The libraries use a proxy server to allow you to access our subscription databases from off-campus. If you're on a non-campus network you'll automatically be redirected to the sign-in page. Just sign in with your OneKey and you'll be able to access any of the resources.

Common issues:

-I'm unable to sign in.

     This is usually due to an expired OneKey. Make sure you can log in to myPratt to check that your OneKey is still valid.

-It looks like I can sign in successfully, but my browser hangs and I can't get to the resource.

     The proxy server we use redirects you to the electronic resources. Some networks, especially corporate or school networks, prohibit this type of redirection as a safety precaution. Try accessing the resources from a home network.

-The resource site looks weird, doesn't load completely, or keeps giving me a "session expired" error.

     Your browser keeps cookies that identify you as a unique user. Some databases aren't very good at understanding that you're coming back and they will try to re-start your old session, which can lead to stylesheets not loading or error messages. The only way to solve this is to clear your browser's cookies and cache.