We just updated our Collection Development Policy! The purpose of this policy is to make clear the scope of the materials collected and priorities for the selection of those materials.

The Pratt Institute Libraries strive to develop collections that…

  • support the Institute’s evolving curricula and strategic plan
  • reflect our student body
  • represent global creative practice and scholarship
  • center the needs of our students and faculty, including those related to language and cost.

Primary responsibility for collection development is handled by library liaisons. The Libraries also encourage patron driven acquisition practices via the Suggest a Purchase form to ensure that our collections reflect the Pratt community’s interests and research. Books by the Pratt community that are within the collection scope are also acquired. Additional guidance in policy and decision making is provided by the Pratt Institute Libraries’ Collection Development Committee.

The Libraries aim to provide a collection that encourages interdisciplinary study, therefore our approach to collection development is itself cross-disciplinary. To learn more, please read our full Collection Development Policy